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Thank you for stopping by the online home of Boy Scout Troop 150 of Enterprise, Alabama. Our goal is to help young men learn leadership skills that they will use throughout their lives. We provide the framework for these skills to today's youth in a values-based program, while participating in inviting activities and community service projects.

Troop 150 has attended Scout Day at the Alabama Legislature since it began in 2008. In 2011 we were very fortunate and Governor Robert Bentley took time to have this picture taken with us. During this trip we met with Senator Jimmy Holley, Representative Barry Moore, Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey, and Alabama Treasurer Young Boozer. Representative Moore attended our Court of Honor on March 28, 2011 where we awarded 156 merit badges, 37 rank advancements, over 170 official BSA awards, and more than 100 participation awards. This marked the biggest Court of Honor in over 5 years!

March 2011 Scout Day at Alabama Legislature

Whitewater rafting is something Troop 150 loves to do. The attraction is so strong that we went two times this year. You can see the pictures from our July whitewater rafting trip -- following summer camp -- on the page dedicated to the trip in our scrapbook.

Troop 150 attended summer camp at Camp Thunder in 2010. We went to see yet another camp. At the end of the week, we went back up to Tennessee to go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. After our last great experience with Raft One Whitewater we will continue to book our trips with them. Everyone really enjoys rafting on the river used during the Olympics.

July 2010 Whitewater Rafting TripOctober 2010 Whitewater Rafting Trip

You can see pictures from our October whitewater rafting trip, and read about it on the page dedicated to the trip in our scrapbook.

We encourage our Scouts to enjoy camping, canoeing, climbing, and other rewarding adventures in the great outdoors. Highlights of our Troop include a variety of activities and outings designed to meet the goals as set by the youth leaders and the Scouts in the Troop. In the past three years we have attended the Merit Badge University offered at Auburn University. In 2009 we attended summer camp at Camp Ala-Flo, where our Scouts learned everything from basic Scout skills, swimming, leatherwork, climbing, and many other merit badges. Some of the Scouts participated in Project C.O.P.E., which encourages teamwork and leadership skills while at the same time giving Scouts the ability to rely on the skills of those around them. In the summer of 2007 we attended summer camp at Camp Rainey Mountain, GA. While at CRM, our Troop went whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. During the 2007 and 2008 holiday break from school, some in the Troop traveled to a long-term winter camp, Camp Comer, located near Fort Payne, AL, to experience cold weather camping. For summer camp in 2008, we went to Camp Comer located near Fort Payne, AL. The weather was MUCH cooler than it was back at home. We left camp in the wee hours of Saturday morning and headed up to Tennessee to go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. We set up our own experience with a fairly new company, Raft One Whitewater . The experience was AWESOME & ROW's customer service was beyond AWESOME!

2009 Blue Angels Homecoming Show Trip
Troop 150 looks forward to traveling to the Naval Air Station Pensacola each November to enjoy the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. In 2009, the troop packed the bus and took their brand new trailer along for the trip. Scouts enjoy eating breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings in one of the local Navy Galleys. After breakfast Saturday morning, the Troop makes the short drive from their camping area on NAS Pensacola to the flight line where they get front row seats to watch the best naval aviators the US Navy has to offer. After the show, the Troop hits one of Pensacola's finest Chinese Buffet (Happy China) where they enjoy all they can eat. Later Saturday night, those that wish to go along, Scoutmaster Mr. Will, takes the Troop on a haunted tour of the Naval Air Station. Intermixed with the haunting stories, the Scouts learn a little about the historical importance of Pensacola. The tour wraps up with the Scouts staring up at the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse hoping to catch a glimpse of the former light keeper who was murdered by his wife. Following breakfast on Sunday morning, the Scouts take in as much of the National Naval Aviation Museum as is possible in a few hours. There they learn about Pensacola's significance at giving birth to the US military aviators that dominate the skies during any conflict.

Mr. Will gives a report on the 2010 SR-1B Conclave held at Camp Binachi near Meridian, MS, over the weekend of April 16-18, 2010.

On December 27, 2007, Troop 150 purchased a used 28-passenger bus to provide our transportation needs for future Troop activities. You can see pictures of the bus and some of the graphic design ideas under consideration for the bus. Please submit your own ideas to Mr. Will for inclusion on the page.

Our Troop provides Color Guard Details to various organizations in and around our community, as well as engages in community related service projects including actively supporting other community organizations. Our Troop participated in the cleanup of the devastating tornado that tore through our town on March 1, 2007, demolishing the high school and killing 8 students. The tornado demolished and/or condemned at least 300 homes.

During January 2008, Troop 150 and Troop 50 shared a Wilderness Survival training weekend at Camp Ala-Flo. The experience was so successful that both Troops hosted the Fall Camporee for the Alabama-Florida Council, with a theme of Wilderness Survival. Nearly 200 Scouts and 100 adult leaders were in attendance. We had Troops join us from Florida and one Troop from Tennessee. Everyone earned the Wilderness Survival merit badge and nearly 25% of the participants won door prizes at the Saturday evening campfire.

Survival Weekend
33 Scouts from Troop 150 (Enterprise, AL) and Troop 50 (Fort Rucker, AL) camped in the worst winter storm to hit Enterprise in some time. These Scouts braved freezing temperatures, freezing rain, strong winds, all under shelters they made their first night in camp. The format for the weekend was that they took the test on Friday night, and we taught them what they needed to know on Saturday. These guys fixed their own Saturday evening dinners by slaughtering chickens, preparing them for cooking, and then cooking them. Not one negative word was heard the whole time these guys were braving the freezing and wet elements. This picture was taken just seconds after a box of MRE's miraculously dropped out of the sky, landing beside a "need food" ground-to-air signal that someone accidentally left on the parade field.

Our Council offers a unique leadership and primitive camping experience that lasts for 7 days and 6 nights just prior to the beginning of summer camp each year. The program, Woodlore, is based in large part on the Wood Badge training offered to adult leaders. Our Scoutmaster, an Eagle Scout, who has attended Wood Badge, served on Wood Badge Staff, and in his youth attended a BSA program for youth leaders called Brown Sea Double-Two, has observed that the Woodlore program offers many of the same training and character building objectives as both of those programs.

The Alabama-Florida Council offered its first National Youth Leadership Training course in February and March of 2010. By all accounts, the Scouts that participated enjoyed their two weekends of intense learning. The first weekend they spent in the SNOW!!

Our Troop enjoys the strong support of the members of our Chartering Organization, Green Hill Presbyterian Church, a very active Troop Committee of which nearly every family has at least one adult that is a member, and many local and distant small and large businesses. Without this much support, Troop 150 would not have the ability to offer so many awesome opportunities to the Scouts.

Troop 150 is a very strong and active organization for the youth of our community. Since Troop 150 is located in Enterprise, AL, a large number of our members are associated with Fort Rucker, AL. We welcome all Scouts who transfer into our Troop and treat them as if they began their Scouting careers here. We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and active parent group comprised of nearly all of our parents. Our Scoutmaster, William Drummond and our Assistant Scoutmasters, work hard to train all our young men, enabling each to exceed his own expectations.

Troop 150 is a unit of the Menawa District of the Alabama Florida Council. The Ala-Flo office is located in Dothan, Alabama, about 20 minutes from Enterprise. Camp Ala-Flo, formerly known as "The Reservation" is located less than 10 miles from Troop 150's Scout Hut.

Please enjoy your visit and make sure to view all of the pages. We have a lot of information and a lot of pictures for you to enjoy. Please come back often since our webmaster is always hardly working at updating our site.

Troop 150 in Action! Troop 150 in Action! Troop 150 in Action! Troop 150 in Action! Troop 150 in Action! Troop 150 in Action!
City of Enterprise, AL Troop 150 Whitewater Rafting 2010 March 1, 2007 - Troop 150 Helps with Disaster Recovery
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